Mergers & fusions

Buying, selling or financing are all transactions whereby the interaction between people determines the final success. Clients play an active part in this. Key is to propose the right mix of the client’s wishes and opportunities, at the right time to the right partners.

Value Creation enhances the valuation and price setting of companies or company activities with help of the Value Creator™ process.

Selling: to whom?

Too small, no good successor, or any other reason. For whom does the company have value and who recognises the highest value? A national buyer, an international partnership, an IPO, or selling back to the management?

selling: to whom?

Buying: what exactly?

Increasing market share or entering new markets. What will add the highest values from the buyer’s point of view. Forward or backward integration, a competitor is selling his company or are new developments demanding money and attention?

buying: what exactly?

Financing: which sources?

New, replacement or additional financing for a take-over, buying out the shareholder(s), investments or cutting back current interest charges. What will be the effect on value? Which sources must be tapped and how? Who can offer the best opportunity – banks, venture capital companies or informal investors?

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